Need a zombie fix?

They’re not sexy, but there’s something very cool about zombies.

And I must admit, I prefer my zombie stories with a fair dose of dark humour and irony (although you can’t go past The Forest of Hands and Teeth for something more disturbing).

Thanks to the cornucopia of goodies that is Twitter, I was introduced this week to the Caldecott Chronicles by RG Bullet, a series of very clever short zombie stories about an infestation of the undead in the Cotswolds in 1899.

RG Bullet nails the narrative voice – the very resilient, resourceful and well-mannered (if at times cheerily mercenary) 32nd Earl of Rothshire, who sets about dealing with his unwanted visitors, even if many of them are former friends and manor staff.

I loved the droll sense of humour, and the juxtaposition of zombie horror with the sensibilities of 19th century rural England. For me, the Caldecott Chronicles are what Pride & Prejudice and Zombies wanted to be, but didn’t quite pull off consistently.

As well as being cleverly written, the Chronicles also feature fantastic illustrations, which add to the fun.

The Chronicles will be available in their entirety in November (published by SilverHouse Books). Until then, you read the first instalment here.

You can find out more about the series (and RG Bullet) at


One thought on “Need a zombie fix?

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