Home town urban fantasy

There’s something a bit special about reading a story set in your own city. Even better if its urban fantasy. Better yet if it’s good.

I heard Trent Jamieson speak at the Brisbane Writers’ Festival last year. I took a shine to him immediately. Such a mild-mannered guy with a dry wit and a deep passion for writing, writers and story-telling – and so respectful of his fans.

I went to buy one of his books straight after the session (an entertaining hour with Marianne de Pierres) but someone literally grabbed the last copy of his Death Works Trilogy before I could get to it. It took me another three months before I got around to buying it, but it was worth the wait – I bought it at Avid Reader, where Trent works. And he kindly signed my copy.

Anyway, I’ve just finished the first instalment, Death Most Definite. It was a great. Very cool in fact. And Mr Jamieson is a very cool writer. He’s not the first to write about Death, or the business of reaping, but he’s done it in a way that’s original and highly entertaining.

Death Most Definite is a fast-paced read, with a narrative character who is funny, witty, self-deprecating, and sexy in a nerdy kind of way (and who’s hung-over for most of the book.)

I love the Brisbane locations and the concept of the massive One Tree straddling a parallel river city in the Underworld. And that Death’s head office is on George Street, along with all the other heavy hitters in town. Brisbane is so much edgier with the undead hooning around in stolen cars, heavily armed, and some of the city’s most iconic landmarks have deeper significance.

Death Most Definite is unashamedly Australian, which I also love. If you like well written urban fantasy with heavy doses of dark humor and wit – and you haven’t already discovered Trent Jamieson – you need to check out this series.

For more thoughts on Death Most Definite, you can check out my longer review on Goodreads here.


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