Louise Cusack’s trilogy set for ebook launch

Congratulations to fellow Queensland writer Louise Cusack for the upcoming release of her fantasy trilogy Shadow Through Time as ebooks with Pan Macmillan (only $5.33!).

The three novels, Destiny of the Light, Daughter of the Dark and Glimmer in the Maelstrom were originally released a decade ago in print and were popular with readers who like a bit of romance with their fantasy adventures. I interviewed Louise back in my days as a journo and read (and enjoyed!) the books. Louise has been a long-time supporter of other writers, providing mentoring and manuscript assessments, and it’s great to see these books get a new lease on life.

The ebooks are now available for presale on Amazon Kindle and within the next few days they’ll also be available in other ebook stores.  The official release date is February 15.

Find out more about the books here: http://louisecusack.wordpress.com/books/

If you haven’t read this series, start with Destiny of the Light (find it on Amazon).


2 thoughts on “Louise Cusack’s trilogy set for ebook launch

  1. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for your post, we’re very excited about publishing Louise’s trilogy in digital form here at Momentum. Even better is the news that actually the Australian price for the titles will be $4.99 each, as the Amazon site appears be displaying the $USD conversion. They’ll also be listed for pre-sale through the usual channels (Apple ibookstore, Kobo, etc) where the correct $AU price will be displayed.

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