Upcoming author chat at Victoria Point Library

I’ll be chatting about Shadows at the Victoria Point Library on 23 August (6-7pm).

This is another of those moments when a few of my worlds will collide…

I used to work at Redland City Council (to which the Victoria Point Library belongs), so I know the lovely librarian there, and my former colleagues in the Marketing and Communication team have put together this snazzy flyer promoting the event. (Thanks Lucas for not giving me a moustache!)

The event is being presented in partnership with Angus & Robertson Victoria Point, owned by Stephanie and Kevin Walkem. Aside from the fact A&R is my local book store, I worked with Stephanie many years ago when she was a major events and venues guru, so it’s serendipitous our paths have crossed again in the book world.

So, if you’re interested in hearing me talk about how Shadows came about, and how I got to this point in my writing career, come along!

The event is free, but bookings are essential. Just give the library a call on 3829 8770.

The Rephaim are headed to North America

I’m extremely excited to announce that the first two books of the Rephaim series (Shadows and Haze) will be published in Canada and the United States.

Tundra Books has taken on the North American rights, and I’m humbled to be joining this highly reputable publishing house. (Tundra Books is Canada’s oldest English language children’s publisher and in 2012 became a division of Random House of Canada Limited. It publishes children’s and young adult fiction.)

Timeframes are still being finalised, but US and Canadian readers can expect to find Shadows in-store sometime in 2013.

Meanwhile, Haze is scheduled for release in Australia and New Zealand in the first half of 2013 and will appear in North America some time after that.

Stay tuned for firm details on all release dates.

Huge thanks to Anne Beilby, Rights Manager at Text Publishing, for all her hard work in bringing this together.

(The lack of exclamation points above is my attempt to play it cool, but the fact I’m still grinning as I write this is an indication of how excited I am.)

Chatting plot and characters at Logan North Library next month

I’m excited to be a part of the writing panel at this year’s Logan City Council Libraries’ Sci Fi and Fantasy Month, alongside the who’s who of Queensland speculative fiction authors.

Logan Libraries will celebrate all things fantasy and sci fi throughout August, with the writing panel being part of the finale at Logan North Library in Underwood on Saturday, 25 August (11am-12.30pm).

The panel features Marianne de Pierres, Trent Jamieson, Rowena Cory Daniells, Anita Bell, Kev Bell and myself, and we’ll be chatting about how we develop characters and plot.

This is my first time at this event and I’m looking forward to hanging out with these writers and chatting with sci fi and fantasy fans.

If you’re local and this is your thing, make sure you book in early! (Bookings are essential – 3412 4140.)

News on the Rephaim series

One of the exciting announcements at Shadows’ launch last week was that Text Publishing has now signed me for books 3 and 4 of the Rephaim series.

Needless to say, I’m ecstatic the entire series will be published by the team at Text. It also means I’ll be simultaneously editing one book while writing another for the next two years – so, plenty of work ahead of me.

As I’ve mentioned in recent weeks, I’ve got a draft of Haze (book 2) down, with the editing process set to start in coming weeks. In the meantime, I’ve started on book 3. I need to set aside a few days for some intensive writing (or, as we say at the Queensland Writers’ Centre, go down the rabbit hole) just to really kick it along.

There are some other snippets of news to come, so stay tuned… 🙂

The launch party

On Thursday, Shadows was officially launched by the wonderful Marianne de Pierries at Riverbend Books and Tea House in Bulimba. The store looked beautiful, the staff were delightful, the food and wine was fantastic and I was surrounded by around 90 friends and family – all in great form.

It was an awesome night.

I was particularly excited to have my editor, the lovely Ali Arnold, come up from Melbourne for the evening and the equally lovely Steph Stepan, publicist extraordinaire here as well. Thanks again Steph for such a brilliant launch, and for all your hard work in getting the news about Shadows out to the world.

Special thanks to Marianne for taking the time to launch Shadows, and for your very kind words. (And congratulations to you on the success of the Night Creatures series and the recent option of the Tara Sharp series for TV).

While I’m on the thanks wagon, I’d like to again give a shout-out to my ‘test’ readers Rebecca Cram (Place), Michelle Reid, Elise Dunlop, Sarah Koch and Kate Bevan. And thanks to family who travelled from Darwin, Adelaide (and other parts of South Australia) and Victoria for the big night. Apologies again to the Victorian crowd, who I forgot to thank on the night.

A few important people weren’t there in person who I ‘d like to acknowledge: my agent Lyn Tranter and Text Publishing editor Mandy Brett, who (along with Ali Arnold) are the reason Shadows is now sitting in bookstores in Australia and New Zealand. There is more news to come on that front, so stay tuned… And Claudia Gray (author of the YA Evernight vampire series) for the cool quote for Shadows‘ cover.

A few words from Ali
As soon as Ali finished her generous speech on Thursday night, she said to me she forgot to say half of it and has given me the full version for inclusion here. I thought her words on the night were pretty wonderful, but am happy to post the rest here (of course I’m happy to post nice things about Shadows!):

When we read a book with a view to acquiring it, we hope for many things.
We hope for a good story and good writing and good pace. We hope we’ll
fall in love with one of the characters at least. We hope we’ll want to
read it to the end, with bleary 3-in-the-morning eyes.

And then sometimes we get something out of the box like Shadows.

We get a great story, writing that’s fresh and vivid, we get more pace
than you could ever ask for. And we get characters that we more than fall
in love with—we get characters who inspire people to contact us and say
things like: I wouldn’t mind meeting a forty-five-year-old version of
Rafa. Or: So, Rafa.. Or, more often: Whew, Rafa… (You’ll get the
impression that a lot of woman have read the book to date.) And in Gaby,
we have a leading woman who knows her own mind, who is vulnerable and
kickarse, who is loyal and feisty, who is a fighter in all senses of the
word, and who happens to look good in pair of skinny jeans.

But they’re not even the real reasons you’ll fall as in love with this
first book in the Rephaim series as I have.

Gaby and Rafa, in their blood-soaked clothes, in their crappy old kitchens
in their rundown bungalows, have a frisson on the page that’s almost
unbearable at times. In a good way. As one of our London agents said: Gaby
and Rafa—whoa! Think of the leads in old-time Hollywood films, and add a
few sword fights and a couple of steamy kissing scenes and you’ll have a
sense of what Shadows is, and why you’ll be turning its pages till three
in the morning. And now read it, because it’s better than that.

Alison Arnold, me and Marianne de Pierres

Stunning window display at Riverbend Books

Shadows display inside Riverbend Books (70 copies sold at the launch. Thanks people!)

Don’t forget, there are signed copies for sale at Riverbend Books, Mary Ryan Books (New Farm and Milton), Avid Reader (West End) and Dymocks (Indooroopilly and the CBD).

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this very special evening.

More pics on facebook

Shadows is out

So, big day yesterday. Shadows officially went on sale in Australia and New Zealand, I had a guest post on Kids Book Review and reviews started popping up on blogs and Goodreads. If only all days were like that. 🙂
Here’s a wrap up:


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Did I mention I was buzzing all day? (And it wasn’t just the caffeine in my system).

Thanks to everyone who sent messages on facebook, Twitter, Goodreads etc. I really appreciate it.