What’s happening in October

I’ve been busy in recent weeks with editing Haze and working on projects for my day job, but I thought I should pop my head up and write a quick post about what I’ll be up to in October.

First up, I’m excited to be the October online resident writer for Inside A Dog, the State Library of Victoria’s online hub for teen readers. From 1 October, you can check out my posts here. I’ll be chatting about writing, reading and other booky stuff, with at least three posts a week during the month. Pop over and join the conversation!

I’ve also got a couple of in-store appearances, thanks to the lovely Stephanie and Kevin at Angus & Robertson Victoria Point and Ipswich. I’ll be hanging out for a few hours, chatting about books in general (and, of course, the Rephaim series if the topic comes up 🙂 ).

Angus & Robertson Victoria Point
Saturday 6 October, 10am

Angus & Robertson Ipswich
Saturday 13 October 10.30am

As mentioned above, I’m well advanced on early edits for Haze and am really happy with how the story is shaping up. I’ll provide some teasers in coming months.

My reading pace has dropped off lately due to workload, but I’ve still managed to finish some amazing novels in the past few months. Click on the thumbnails below for my thoughts on each on Goodreads.

UK cover for Shadows

Here it is, the UK cover for Shadows (coming out in the UK in January).

A lower res version has actually been posted around the internet in recent weeks (can’t sneak anything past you bloggers, can we?), but I’m excited to be able officially unveil it on this site. 🙂

First official reveal came on the Indigo/Fierce Fiction facebook page (part of Orion) last night

What do you think?