Quick update on the Rephaim series

Shadows (UK version - Indigo/Orion)Just a quick update on what’s going on with the Rephaim series.

After my flurry of writing activity on the first draft of Rephaim #3, I’m back editing Haze (Rephaim #2), which is due out in Australia, New Zealand and the UK in June (and in the US and Canada a little later – Shadows is out first, in September).

Speaking of the UK, it’s less than a month until Shadows hits the shelves there (3 January). Very exciting.  I’ve had some lovely early reviews of the UK edition from UK bloggers:  Dark-Readers and The Page Turner.

The publicity and marketing teams at Indigo/Orion have been busy spreading the word about Shadows and there are plans for some online activity later in January in the UK. I’ll post details once they’re finalised.

Thanks everyone for the kind responses so far to Shadows. It really has been an amazing year.


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