Still thinking about being in the Haze trailer? Here’s what you need to know

Okay, so we’re getting some great clips coming in for the Haze trailer but we want LOTS of them…so the closing date has been extended to 9am on 29 April.
And to clarify, this is for anyone of any age. If you think Rafa’s sexy, we want to hear from you!

Here’s what you need to know:
There are just three steps you need to take:

1. Think: what are the first words that come to mind when you think of Rafa, the bad boy half-angel Gaby falls for in Shadows?

2. Click: get out your smart phone or turn on the camera on your computer, and record a clip of yourself — head and shoulders only, and in landscape format — saying those words to the camera.

3. Email: send your clip to by  9am, Monday 29 April

That’s all!

The marketing gurus at Text will then splice your Rafa-words together with lots of others into one gorgeous clip of fans, and launch our trailer for the series when Haze comes out at the end of May.

(If you’re under 18, please check with your parents that they’re ok with you sending in a clip. And if you or your parents have any questions, please email

There’s still time be part of the Haze trailer

Rephaim iconIf you’re looking forward to Haze and you want to be part of Text Publishing’s upcoming trailer, there’s still time!

You can find details on how to be involved here:

Registrations close 24 April. Should be a lot of fun. (And there’s more cool stuff to come between now and Haze’s release on 22 May. Stay tuned.)

How women see themselves versus how others see them

Dove’s new online ad campaign has gone viral – and for good reason. This is an amazing video. After seeing how strongly it’s resonated with my female friends, I wanted to post it here. I found watching the women react to the reality of how others perceive them – and realising how differently they perceive themselves – incredibly moving.

New cover for Australian/NZ edition of Haze

With the Australian and New Zealand release of Haze less than two months away, there’s lots of tweaking and polishing going on before the book goes to press next week.

As regular readers of this blog know, there are currently two sets of cover art for the Rephaim series: one for Australia/NZ and another for the UK (which is also being used for Canada and the US).

As much as we all love the Australian artwork, we (the lovely team at Text, and I) have agreed it would be better to have the same style of artwork across all editions of all books in the Rephaim series.

Haze coverThat means the sexy UK cover will now become our Australian/NZ cover, and that Shadows will also revert to the UK cover when it (hopefully) goes into reprint.

I know lots of you love the white and gold covers. We do too! But it will make it less confusing to have the same look and feel across the series in all markets. And the UK covers are very atmospheric. 🙂

And, hey, you never know: the original Australian edition of Shadows may become a collectors’ items (even if it’s just me doing the collecting in a decade’s time….).

Stay tuned. Hope to post a teaser for Haze soon…