Space for more guests at Haze launch on 6 June

We have capacity for a few more guests at the launch of Haze next week, so we’re opening it up to anyone who’d like to come along.

The wonderful Marianne de Pierres will be launching Haze and chatting with me at Riverbend Books in Bulimba at 6.30pm on 6 June. Copies will be available to buy and, yes, I’ll sign them. 🙂

If you’d like to come along, just let Rachel at Text Publishing know by Friday (31 May):

Places are limited, so get in quick! Should be a fun night.

HAZE launch invite

Haze is out in the wild

As of yesterday, Haze is out in the wild. Publication day is such a strange combination of excitement and nervousness…a sensation that lasts well beyond publication day, actually.  (Now that I’ve experienced it twice, I figure I can make statements like that.)

My very good mate Rebecca sent me this great shot of her and her family checking out copies of Haze today. Don’t worry, her girls aren’t actually reading it (too young for that content!). Note her hubby is catching up on Shadows first. 🙂

IMG_0547Early response to Haze has been lovely. Here are a couple of reviewers quick off the mark:

Next up for me, aside from working feverishly on Book 3 (title reveal coming soon), will be Voices on the Coast on the Sunshine Coast on June 3 and 4, which I’m looking forward to.

I had a blast at Literati on the Gold Coast last weekend, and met some lovely readers and a bunch of great writers. Here’s me with the lovely LA Larkin at the dinner on Friday night. (Thanks to LA for sharing this one.)

BKr0eADCMAAOtDr.jpg_largeRight then. Back to it.

Have you heard the one about the half-angel at the library?

Here are some fab photos from our Haze promotion outside the State Library of Victoria today, where ‘Rafa’ was handing out copies of Shadows.

Huge thanks to Rachel and Shalini at Text Publishing for this fun promo. And to Harry, our ‘Rafa’ for being such a good sport – and bringing smiles to a few faces. 🙂

Oh, and did you know Haze is out tomorrow!!!! (Note rare use of exclamation points.)