Yes, there are four books in the Rephaim series

I’ve noticed a few mentions around the internet of Shimmer being the third and final book in the Rephaim series, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to bring this up again – because readers are going to be VERY annoyed if they think the series ends on the final page of Shimmer (which comes out in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom next year) .

Just to confirm…there are FOUR books in the series. That was the plan from the start.

When I first roughly plotted the series, I knew I’d need four instalments to tell the story the way I wanted to. Yes, the series is about Rafa, Gaby and Jude, but it’s also about the fractured society of the Rephaim; about these guys working out who they are and how they fit in the world. So I needed four books to allow space for that journey.

So, yes, there will be more answers in Shimmer but it will take four books to resolve all the questions raised since Shadows. 🙂

In the meantime…merry Christmas!

Shimmer: a progress report

A quick update on where I’m at with the Rephaim series.

I’m happy to say I have a completed draft of Shimmer, which has already undergone a round of structural revisions. There’s still work to do, but it’s in reasonable shape – and will only get better from here.

ImageThe real work will come in the new year when my editor and I get cracking on line edits.

Shimmer will be released simultaneously in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in July, which really isn’t as far away as it sounds. And there will be a synopsis and teaser chapter/s between now and then, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, I’m about 15,000 words into the first draft of the fourth and final book in the series. Still VERY early days and very rough, but I’m relieved to be getting the words down and bringing all those plot threads and character arcs together. I’ve had this book (or at least the key scenes) in my head for nearly four years now…

Oh, and I’m hoping to have a confirmed title for book 4 to share with you all soon. 🙂

Marianne de Pierres has a new sci fi series – and here’s the cover for the first book

Today is an exciting day for my friend and fellow writer Marianne de Pierres. It’s cover reveal day!

Check out the extremely cool artwork for Peacemaker, her upcoming sci fi western novel, the first in a new series. Can’t wait to read it.


Peacemaker is due for release by Angry Robot books in early May 2014. The cover art is by Joey Hi Fi, partly inspired by the graphic novel illustrated by Brigitte Sutherland and created by Marianne. For more details about Peacemaker, check out Marianne’s website: (You can check out Marianne’s other sci fi, crime and paranormal series on this site as well.)