Interviews & stuff


June 2016 – North American blog tour for Burn (Rephaim #4): a series of reviews

March 2016 – North American blog tour for Shimmer (Rephaim #3): a series of reviews



General bits and pieces

North American blog tour for Haze

UK blog party – Shimmer

  • Wondrous Reads : an in-depth Q&A including questions about THAT scene in Shimmer (warning: some spoilers if you haven’t read Haze and Shimmer)
  • Dark-Readers : fun guest post featuring bonus details about Rafa and Jude
  • Sister Spooky : 20 random questions


UK blog tour 2013 – Haze

  • Winged Reviews:  An insightful interview with Mary, in which I have an epiphany about a certain aspect of the Rephaim series.
  • Dark Readers: Casey (possibly Rafa’s number one fan) hosts a mini Rafa-fest. 🙂
  • Wondrous Reads: In a guest post, I talk about weapon choices in urban fantasy.
  • Fluttering Butterflies: Clover invited me to share my ‘bookshelf requirement’. My choice: Melina Marchetta.
  • Wondrous Reads: In my second visit to Wondrous Reads this tour, I chat with Jenny about the world of the Rephaim, writing action scene and musical inspiration – as well as a teeny teaser about Shimmer.
  • Bookbabblers: I chat about character inspiration and my fave TV shows with the lovely Sarah.

North American blog tour 2013 – Shadows

Podcast interviews 2013

The Zed Bookclub (4ZZZ) podcast – with Amy Stevenson

Ladies of YA with the lovely Ladies of YA
(chatting about Shadows, Haze, writing and lots of other stuff)

UK blog tour 2013 – Shadows

Dark Readers (Character profile: Rafa)

Overflowing Library (What’s on my bookshelves)

The Bookbag (Dream dinner party guest list)

Wondrous Reads (Book covers)

Feeling Fictional (Paranormal fantasy v urban fantasy)

Bart’s Bookshelf (Trends in YA fiction)

Book Babblers (Q&A)

Book Angel Booktopia(Foo Fighters inspiration!)

Gollancz (angels and demons in paranormal fiction)

Other guest posts

Scary stories – the role of fear in storytelling (Open Book Ontario – Fiction Craft)

Angels in YA – with Marianne de Pierres’ Escape Club

Writer in Residence: Inside A Dog (October)

What defines YA? – Kids Book Review

Why aren’t YA books as respected as ‘adult’ books – Ripping Ozzie Reads

Interviews/media (for Shadows)

Courier Mail (Queensland Life lift out)

Winter Haven Books

Big 4 with Bec (Burn Bright)

Alpha Reader

Albert and Logan News

Bayside Bulletin

The Recorder

Aussie Author Month – Mia K Rose

Lost in Fiction

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