Burn (Rephaim #4)

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(US/Canada June 2016)

What people are saying about Burn (Rephaim #4)

Burn is everything I expected from the final instalment of The Rephaim, a brilliantly plotted novel where action, romance, and intrigue come together to create magic.
– Speculating on SpecFic

It was amazing. It was everything I hoped it would be and more. I loved it.

Deeply satisfying conclusion to the stellar Rephaim series, one of my favourite angels and demon tales ever.
– Christine Bongers (author of Intruder)

This friends is how you finish a series. Urban fantasy doesn’t get any better
– Pauline, Riverbend Books (Brisbane)

If you are a fan of superbly written, action-packed fiction with interesting, brilliantly flawed characters – look no further than Paula Weston’s Rephaim series. This is a series you won’t want to put down!
– Fictional Thoughts

I’ve loved everything about this series, and the finale was exactly what I wanted. Secrets revealed, lies exposed, romance galore and second-chances. I’m going to miss this world and these characters so damn much, but I thank Paula Weston for gifting readers this epic rollercoaster of a ride.
– Alpha Reader

This series is ADDICTIVE!
– Thebookkat

Burn does right by its readers. All plots are brought together well. They are tied up beautifully, with emotion and affection.
Reading Time (The Children’s Book Council of Australia)

Burn is a thrilling, page-turning ending to a brilliant series by the talented Australian author, Paula Weston. From beginning to end, I could not put this book down.
– Marianne Curley (author of Avena series)

You know that the final book in a series is good when the first thing you want to do after finishing it is to read all of the books over from the beginning so it doesn’t feel over. Burn does just that. I loved every second of it.
– Brittany’s Book Rambles

This is an excellent conclusion to a series that I have absolutely loved. Angels mythology set on the Australian coastline? Familiarity of landscape alongside the wonders of the paranormal world? Never thought I would see it done so well…Yeah I enjoyed the hell out of this.
– Riffle (Missus B)

It’s fitting Paula Weston’s Rephaim series should wrap up with a finale of biblical proportions. What else would you expect from the wonderfully written story of half-angel, demons, love, passion and prophecy?
– Adelaide Advertiser

If you’ve read the previous The Rephaim books you won’t be disappointed in this conclusion. And if you haven’t: read them now because they’re awesome.
– Books for a Delicate Eternity

 As with its three predecessors Shadows, Haze and Shimmer it was completely un-put-downable and I finished it within a day. Jam-packed with action, suspense, romance, classic Aussie humour, and an ending that tied together all the loose ends and rounded out the series perfectly.
– All About UF

Officially experiencing major book hangover. I WANT MOOOORE. *cries* Hands down one of my all time favourite series.
– YA Midnight Reads

This much-anticipated finale to the Rephaim series is an excellent conclusion, tying together all the ends and bringing the epic battle that I had hoped for.
– Tea in the Treetops

I can’t offer enough praise for Burn and the Rephaim series, it has been an amazing ride and I am devastated it has come to an end!
– Obsession With Books

The end of one jam packed, actiony, kick-arse, punch in the face YA series. It’s all over and now I’m sad because there are no more Rephaim books to look forward to. A great ending to a great series that won’t leave you disappointed.
– Dymocks Chermside (Brisbane)