Shimmer (Rephaim #3)

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What people are saying about Shimmer (Rephaim #3)

I haven’t been this pumped for a series since those early Hunger Games days when I needed to get my hands on Mockingjay (and now The Rephaim series supersedes that). I love this series immensely — for the characters, the up-all-night addictive experience, the slow burn sexual tension, the secrets and mysteries and twists, the kick-arse, real-stakes action and for that unique Aussie vibe.
– Inkcrush

Shimmer is another stellar instalment in this, the best Angel-themed paranormal series I’ve ever read, and it’s so much heart-palpitating fun that I don’t even mind being led back to that cliffhanger rock-face again for the ending.
– Alpha Reader

I have absolutely loved reading Shimmer, and can’t praise The Rephaim series highly enough. This book won’t disappoint fans of the vivid world that Weston has created with an Australian backdrop!
– Speculating on Spec Fic

Here is a story that just happens, with no tedious telling. It’s compelling. It’s fascinating. It’s a must-read for any high school student interested in fantasy.
– CM Magazine

This series has all of my favourite things – gloriously entertaining romance, heart-stopping action, clever and interesting plot – all skilfully tied together with barrels of tension and emotion. It’s angels without the accompanying drone of been-there-done-that paranormal fiction.
– Realm of Fiction

Shimmer is an exercise in nail biting tension…every bit as exciting and page turning in a different way. Highly recommended.
– The Bookbag

Beautiful writing, witty dialogue, badass characters and an intense and richly-crafted tale, what else can you ask for? If you want an angel series that will blow your mind away, this is the one.
– YA Midnight Readers

It’s not a secret that I love (and I mean LOVE!) the series as a whole or that I think that the characters are absolutely amazing….Shimmer is a great addition to an even greater series.
Reading After Midnight

It’s intelligent, addictive and really well written for an older YA audience. Simply put: it’s amazing.
Wondrous Reads

This series is one of my favourite urban fantasy reads and without a doubt – my all time favourite angel series. Shimmer is the perfect mix of action, supernatural intrigue and romance with characters I care about and love to read.
– Fictional Thoughts

This is definitely a series that comes around once every few years and damn….I LOVE IT!
– The Perks of Being A Book Nerd


Reviews from North American blog tour (March 2016)

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