Shimmer is in the wild…

Today is release day for Shimmer in Australia (only another week until it pops up on shelves in the UK on 3 July*). It’s always such an exciting and nail-biting time when a new book goes out into the world.

I’m not going to tell you too much about what to expect with the plot (needless to say, there will be twists), but there are a couple of unique features in this instalment that I thought I’d mention.

IMG_1346A prologue
Yep, there’s a quick catch-up prologue, so if you haven’t re-read Haze you can hopefully jump straight back into the story. Prologues can be helpful, or they can be a distraction when all you want is to get into the action. But with Shimmer it seemed like a no-brainer (an excellent idea, in fact, from my editor, Mandy Brett). By the time we get to Shimmer, there are too many layers of story to subtly weave into the early chapters (as I attempted to do in Haze). So, I’ve written a short prologue in Gaby’s voice and from her perspective, so hopefully it feels like you have started to read the book proper.

Text Publishing coverA who’s who of the Rephaim
Another great idea from Mandy. Given the number of characters coming together in Shimmer (as a result of what happens at the end of Haze), she thought it would be handy to have a quick snapshot of the main players up front, which I totally agreed with. Rather than do it too clinically, I’ve tried to have a bit of fun with the Rephaim mini bios. See what you think. πŸ™‚

Hopefully you guys enjoy both new sections – as a help in diving back into the world of the Rephaim and as interesting extras. And, of course, I hope you enjoy the whole book. πŸ™‚

(*Shimmer will be released in the US and Canada next year.)


10 thoughts on “Shimmer is in the wild…

  1. You might be biting your nails, Paula, but you shouldn’t be. I just finished Shimmer (travel + airports = prime reading time) – and it was a fantastic addition to what’s become one of my favourite series! Best characters ever. I wish science would event a time travel machine already because the last book can’t come soon enough. Thank you – and congratulations!

  2. I think I read Shimmer to quickly! LOVED it and love how you’ve added the prologue as well as the list of who’s who at the beginning. Now I’m hoping that the months fly by faster for me to be able to get my hands on the final book! Unless of course you need a reviewer beforehand πŸ˜‰ hint hint

  3. Hi Paula, my name is Chardonae and I am so in love with your books. I bought shimmer the day it came out, ( i pre-ordered it) and was so miserable that i finished it in one day. All i did was sit at home and read it. I can’t wait for the next book to come out, I count the days i see it in ibook πŸ™‚ Just please, pleeeeeeeeease (referring to the last few words of Shimmer) don’t break Rafa and Gabe up! Thanks for the aazing imagination Paula xo !

    • Thanks Chardonae. I can’t tell you what happens (you’ll have to read Burn next year to find out!), but I hope you’ll enjoy the way the final chapter unfolds… x

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