All things Burn (so to speak)

This is it, the day the fourth and final book of the Rephaim series steps into the wild. Australian readers get to have Burn first, with the UK edition releasing on 5 August (the North American edition is out next year).

There’s a lot I want to say about this series and my journey to get to this point, but I’ll save that for another post in coming days. This post is all about the launch, signing events and other bits and pieces you might be interested in. πŸ™‚

The launch – 2 July 2015.
There’s still time to book if you’d like to be part of the Burn launch. It’s at Riverbend Books in Bulimba, Brisbane, on 2 July. It’s a free event, and open to everyone – you just need to book by 26 June. Huge thanks to the wonderful team at Riverbend Books at Bulimba for hosting all four launches, Text Publishing for making these launch events possible (in every sense), and to my friend (and award-winning writer) Marianne de Pierres for again officiating. Here are the details:

Burn invite

I’ve been fortunate to have the support of a host of wonderful booksellers, particularly in and around Brisbane. The following stores will be hosting me for signings over coming weeks. Come say hi!

Dymocks Chermside
Westfield Shopping Centre
Chermside, Qld
27 June 2015, 10.30am

Angus & Robertson
Riverlink Shopping Centre
Ipswich, Qld
18 July 2015, 10.30am

Angus & Robertson Victoria Point
Victoria Point Shopping Centre, Qld
25 July 2015, 10.30am

Dymocks Carindale
Carindale Shopping Centre
1 August 2015, 10.30am

#OzYAChat on Twitter
25 July 2015
I’ll be answering questions on Twitter during the next OzYAChat, which is hosted by the lovely Shaheen from Speculating on Spec Fic. To follow the conversation (and ask questions), simply search the hashtag #OzYAChat (or follow me @PaulaWeston, or @speculatef) and be online during that hour.


Early reviews
Some early reviews for Burn are in:

Aussie readers: matching set of Rephaim books now available!
Shadows (Rephaim #1) has now been re-released with the international cover art concept, so Australian readers can now have a matching set. Check with your book store to see if they’ve got the new stock available, or order direct from Text Publishing ( Of course, this now means the original covers are collectors’ items. (Assuming, of course, there will one day be collectors of Rephaim novels!)

Four books

And just to wrap up a HUGE month, I also received hard copies of the Turkish edition of Shadows, complete with gorgeous bookmarks, from my Turkish publisher Yabanci. πŸ™‚

Turkish copies


20 thoughts on “All things Burn (so to speak)

  1. My copy arrived today! One of my favourite young adult fantasy series for a long time, thank you so much for sharing. I absolutely adore these characters.

  2. This series really ignited my desire for YA paranormal fiction. Loved it. All the best for Burn’s release today Paula. And weird how your title reflects recent Foo Fighters’ events. LOL.

  3. Hi Paula, I’m waiting for my pre-order copy of Burn from I suppose it will be released during US time. Argh!! Know that I’m super excited and am literally counting down the hours! Anyway, I just wanted to ask, what’s next for you? Are you going to start a spin-off or is it gonna be a totally different story, or are you going on vacation for awhile? Cheers!

    • Hi Nikki,
      Hope your copy arrives soon. πŸ™‚
      I’m actually working on a totally new story – a stand-alone novel – set in a near-future but recognisable Australia. I’m still working it all out, but it will have slight ‘twist’. Hoping to be able talk about it more in coming months. πŸ™‚

      • Hi Paula,

        I just got my copy from Kobo!! Aaahhhh!! I’m so excited! Yet a bit sad to read the end of the book.. sobsob… Anyway, that new book sounds awesome! I spent 3 years in Melbourne (Melbourne Uni) so I feel that I have a connection to Australia. Can’t wait to read it. Cheers!! =]]

  4. Hi Paula, Thanks for the most fabulous series of this genre I have had the pleasure to read. Loving Burn as much as its predecessors. Those annual stays at the house on the Sunshine Coast will never be the same again!

  5. Hi Paula,
    Thank you so much for The Rephaim series. They make my universe shine brighter πŸ™‚
    I read Burn today. I was so excited this morning that i did not get late for work but was too early but therfore able to read at least a few pages in my car to calm down. Ended up more excited though and barely made it through the day. Read the rest at home and am totally at peace now. You rock. Thanks so much for Gaby, Rafa and the others. I got really attached to Micah ❀ But they are all adorable anyway.
    Please continue writing. No matter what. Just anything πŸ™‚

  6. Just finished reading Burn – one of the best things about your books is that all your characters are so realistic and relatable! I have to say Daisy is probably my favourite out of your amazing cast. My only complaint is that I wish we had more time to get to know them all (and JudexDaisy all the way)!

  7. Just finished reading Burn and it was absolutely amazing – I couldn’t stop reading!- and I’m wondering if you’re considering writing a sequel series/book

    • Hi Sarah. Thanks for the lovely message. I don’t have current plans to write more about the world of the Rephaim, but I do love the characters so I won’t say never. There are other stories I want to explore first. πŸ™‚ Glad you enjoyed Burn!

  8. I am feeling a strange mix of being content, yet heartbroken. I LOVED the final book, but am so sad the series has finished! Such a beautiful, energetic, and totally captivating story. I’ve read the first 3 books three times now, and it’s a series I could read again and again. The chemistry between Rafa and Gaby is magnetic. Can’t wait to read whatever else you may write in future!

  9. I devoured this book! It was amazing, as the rest of the series, and so worth the wait!
    Could you please share some deleted scenes -if there’s any- or any bits and pieces you wrote for the series that wasn’t included in the books? I’m just not ready to let go of these characters!
    I’m also curious to know how Rafa spent the year he thought Jude and Gaby were dead, what went through his head. (PW Note: Sentence from original post removed – possible spoilers.)

    Thanks for this amazing series!

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